Transitioning from the standard Hammer Surf School group lessons to the Advanced Group Lesson is a way for more seasoned surfers, of all age groups, to further perfect their craft as well as correct any bad habits and refine their wave judgment and pre-wave visualization. It also a way to challenge them and take their ability to the next level. This group will included those students who are able to meet a set surf and technique criteria determined by us. For the Advanced Group Lesson, as always at Hammer Surf School, you will be learning from some of the best pro and free surfers on the East Coast.



The Advanced Group Lesson will take place three days a week for three-hour increments at the same time as our standard group lessons.

However, instead of having a pre-set schedule, every Sunday before the upcoming week, the days and times for the Advanced Group Lesson will be updated, plus a mass HSS email will go out with that information. This last minute determination is so that we can utilize the best water conditions possible for this type of lesson.

Our goal, ocean conditions and weather permitting, will be to have a few waves for each student videotaped each week so that we can then review them and discuss customized adjustments.



You must reach all Advanced Group Lesson requirements as determined by Hammer Surf School. This includes mastering basics surfing techniques such as paddling out, standing up on your board, riding waves, etc., all without any instructor assistance.

NOTE: Before being able to sign up for Advanced Group Lessons you will have to be vetted by HSS staff.


Please email nicole@hammersurfschool.com for more information!